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English communication skills are essential in today's global business environment. To obtain these skills requires a multi-pronged approach that focuses on language, culture, as well professional and personal development. If you and your colleagues seek these skills, Andreas Heller Consulting provides customized English communication training for international companies and organizations.

Get the training that helps you and your company get to the next level by co-creating courses that focus on your professional needs, personal learning style and a skill-focused approach. Choose from one of the following formats:

  • Classic English Communication Training ongoing, 30-40 week courses to reactivate and further develop language skills.

  • Intensive English Communication Courses Comprehensive, from A-Z, one month of intensive English communication training. When you need these skills right now!

  • Business Communication Skills Seminars work on professional skills including presentation, negotiation, conflict management, or professional writing skills. Workshops that get to the roots and help you reach your potential.

Face-to-face training, distance learning or a blended approach available. Select the format that best suits you and your individual needs.